FITHIIT ROOM is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) studio delivering a total body workout. 

We are locateded in ramat hayal Tel aviv- in the heart of the biggest hi-tec area in Israel.  We’ve upgraded the group workout experience with better trainers and better programming to deliver better results.

Smaller class sizes allow our caring and credentialed instructors to treat everyone like a VIP. 

50 minute classes that combine functional movements, high-intensity intervals, strength training and a total-body focus to deliver a workout that’s a step above the rest.

In order to give you more -we have yoga and pilates lessons that raise your results in workout.

Fithiit room is fit's to everybody- we makes you better!



Functional trainer 

Studio owner

Ran had many years of experience in the functional world and along the years he become expert in how to give you the best training ever.

Ran will  bring you to  better results in a short time with a lot of happiness.

Ran is graduate of Wingate college and runs several studios in Tel aviv


Functional trainer 

Or came to us straight from the Ministry of Education where he trains students at sevel schools in Tel aviv. Or grows in the elite unit in the IDF and that way he understanda the need of healthy lifesyle that combines quality training. Or will take the maximum out of you.


Pilates Instructor

Get to know May that movement always has been part of her life since age 3 when she started ballet lessons.

For the past 5 years she has been teaching movement according the traditional Joseph Pilates series. her moto is "Moving to the body will bring great joy for the soul".

May just finish her study degree in naturopath and now she will give this service in our studio


Yoga Instructor

Our Pauline came directly from Belgium to give you the best yoga experience. she loves helping students to connect with themselves, guiding them and offering help when needed. she offers Vinyasa classes to all levels that will strengthen and relax you at the same time. Don't be suprisrd if you see her upside down, she is an inversion junkie


Functional Instructor

Coming from the CrossFit world, Dani is here to give you the best full body work out. Her New York style challenges you to be and do tour best. she loves speed and intensity and will always add in some weights! Her classes are made for all levels and will keep you coming back for more